A Note From Kevin

Clients, colleagues, friends and future-clients,

Ever notice how when you look back over the course of your life (business and personal) and try to isolate certain events from their surroundings, the outlines many times grow fuzzy? What may have seemed at one time as such a stark, black + white turning point becomes oddly ambiguous, dissolving back into the frame and leaves you scratching your head trying to imagine exactly where that piece fits into the grand puzzle?

I think someone once said, “Tug on anything at all and you’ll somehow find it connected to everything else in the universe”. That someone being John Muir. Certainly an interesting dude in his own right but his analogy works for just about anything in life and business, but in this case, the commercial real estate world is an astute example.

So….how and why does that lead us to the partnering of Capstone Real Estate Group and KWC (KW Commercial)? We keep tugging on strings. And it keeps unraveling the proverbial ball, finding one thing connects another to another and another….and so on. You get the idea.

Moving into my 25th year of work in this ever evolving industry. Many, many square feet of Commercial Real Estate transactions and a bunch of acres of land…..As an advisor, consultant, broker, agent, principal, developer, property manager. In retail, office, industrial, land, flex, R & D, distribution, restaurants, golf courses, airports, build to suit/design build process and everywhere in between. Large companies, small companies, public companies, private companies…..companies with one person to companies with thousands. Every single deal different and unique. That all require a varying degree of skill sets. Each with their own attention to details. Each client with their own set of expectations. Expecting your role to add-value as a part of their team to assist in the process of a favorable transaction.

Every single transaction is different. Even the slightest tweak may make one different from the next or the last but it’s why none are ever exactly identical. It’s one of the beauties of this business. It’s also one of the challenges of this business. I enjoy the variety that it displays. It’s certainly never boring or exactly the same.

I’ve been fortunate to build many long term relationships not only with clients with whom I serve but within all of the surrounding service related companies included in many commercial real estate transactions: first and foremost, other commercial real estate brokers/agents/advisors. And while a good percentage of our work is dependent on our interaction, many other facets remain critical in a typical transaction, including: bankers, attorneys, accountants, developers, appraisers, environmental companies, management companies, architects, land planners and construction companies.

The partnership with KWC will enhance commercial real estate brokerage services to our clients on a local, regional and national level. Capstone Real Estate Group will continue to provide advisory/consultant services to specific clients as needed. Bottom line is: we have an immense amount of resources at our disposal. What’s that do for the clients we serve? Simply stated… it makes it better. And everyone is always looking for better. We’ll continue to strive to build win-win relationships. And we’ll keep tugging on strings….






Kevin M. Cain
Bethlehem PA